Super Charge GaN Adapter New GaN technology, leading semiconductor material
65W MAX l 3 QC Interfaces l Compact l 90°foldable plug
GaN is a leading
semiconductor material.
GaN is the latest semiconductor material,
synthesized from Nitride and Gallium
at 1000℃, which has unique advantages
in high-frequency and high-speed
photoelectric components, effectively
minimizing volume, reducing heat
generation and improving efficiency.
Applied GaN technology, small and light The GaN adapter condenses strong power of 65W into a compact
size that can be held in the palm of your hand, making it more portable
50% smaller than Apple USB-C 61W adapter
45% smaller than ordinary 65W adapters
Support Laptop Charging 65W MAX output supports charging for high-power
devices such as the latest MacBook Pro
All Interfaces Support
Quick Charging
One is enough for home use or for travelling. All interfaces
support multi-protocol quick charging, improving charging efficiency.
Smart Compatible With Mainstream
Fast Charging Mobile Phones/tablets
Smart identification to multi-protocol fast charge, compatible
with fast charge protocols of mainstream brand mobile phones
Three QC Interfaces To Meet
Your Different Charging Needs
The three-port adapter has two USB-C and one USB-A fast output
Support charging for different devices such as laptops,
tablets, mobile phones to meet your different needs
90°foldable plug is more portable 90°foldable plug is more stable and convenient to plug into
the vertical wall. Easier storage or carrying with you
Black, White Two options



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