45W Super Dual
Output Charger
GaN Third Generation semiconductor
| PPS/PD Protocol | Portable
PD interface is compatible
with iPhone 12 series fast charge
Perfect for iPhone 12
20W fast charge
PD interface is compatible
with iPhone 12 series(20W) fast charge
Compatible with more devices PD | PPS | QC | AFC | FCP | SCP | PE
Support Laptop
45W fast charge
Provide quick charging up to 45W for Laptops
with PD quick charge protocol and Type-C
interface, saving you more time
Two devices at once Dual output at the same time with
total power up to 42W MAX
Small but powerful Compact, portable, carefree
GaN Cutting-edge Semiconductor Leading material in military field with features like super heat conduction,
endurance to harsh environment, smaller, lighter and higher efficiency
Portable Compatible with AC 100V-240V input,
which covers standard
voltage in most countries



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