D1 Rechargeable Sensor Night Light Light on when approaching, off slowly when passing by
Infrared + Photosensitive l Downward soft light l Rechargeable Battery l Magnetic Installation
Downward light, comfortable and soft,
protects your eyes from direct contact with light
Frosted lampshade and downward light provide double protection
bringing comfort and pleasure to your eyes
Integrated into household
wall accessories
Like a wall socket, you won’t even notice
its presence after installation
Automatically lights on to guard
your movements at night
Built-in infrared sensor with big horizontal sensing angle of 120°can be activated
by movements in dark, and it will stay on for 25 seconds before light off
Guard, begins with your movements Set lights by your bedside can be activated when
you’re out of your bed, always guarding you by your side
Wardrobe illuminating,
begins when you open
the door
The closed space of wardrobe is dimly lit,
D1 can offer light to your whole wardrobe
when you open it
Magnetic design
easy installation
Independent light can be firmly attached to the
base without precise placement
Magnetic design can be attached
to the surface of refrigerator or
other steel objects,easy installation
Smart photosensitive sensor can decide whether to
turn on the light based on the brightness of
surrounding environment
With good illuminating conditions or in daylight, light off; with bad illuminating conditions
or in the evening, light will be activated when you’re passing through the range of infrared
sensing range.Convenient and energy-saving
Two brightness options for your personal needs
Two built-in sensors, with big sensing range of 120°
can capture your movements precisely
Built-in photosensitive sensor and infrared sensor are with larger sensing range.
Light will stay on for 25 seconds before off. And in good illuminating conditions,
light will not be activated, convenient and energy-saving
Specification Model: D1 Dimension: 90*63*22MM Net Weight: 77g
Color Temperature: 2700-3000k
Brightness: Low Brightness 10LM - High Brightness 35LM
Sensor: Infrared + Photosensitive Battery life at High
brightness: 18 hours continuous; around 5 months
(10 times each day/25s each time)
Battery life at Low brightness: 72 hours continuous;
around 8 months(10 times each day/25s each time)
Power supply: Lithium battery 1800mAh/3.7V
Rated power: 2W Input Voltage: 5V/800mA



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