1 to 2 True Wireless Stereo | Wireless Charging | IP55 Waterproof | Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker T5 Bluetooth speakers, two can be interconnected into two-channel stereo speakers, also can be used separately.
Melodic Desktop Art Bluetooth 5.0 low-power-consumption chip, higher and more
stable transmission rate, making transmission between multiple devices
easier,Stable transmission of two-channel stereo brings you a feeling of a music live scene
Wireless Charging Begins With A Casual Drop Universal wireless charging protocol allows charging with your wireless
charging base or wireless power banks,The second option is to connect
a cable to the hidden Type-C interface on the bottom
ORSEN-W4 wireless charging plate in
the picture can be purchased separately
Enclosed String For Easy Carrying We have enclosed a delicate string for you in the box
If you’re an outdoor activities enthusiast, you’ll like it
Long Battery Endurance For Easy Travel Large capacity battery can meet 6 hours of continuous playing at 60% volume throughout the day
Wire(less) charging and playing at the same time keeps music going on
High-volume playing gives you a shocking auditory
experience even in a noisy outdoor environment
The big horn and thickened bass diaphragm have a strong, powerful, and clear auditory effect
Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker It has a 10-meter transmission capability(without barrier) compatible with multiple Bluetooth devices
Integrated silicon buttons are
correspond to your operation habits
Synthesized nearly all audio devices to find out conventional button operation habits and integrated
complicated functions of several buttons into 3 buttons.Integrated silicone button design is not
only for easy cleaning, dustproof and waterproof, but also for shock absorption when put on table
Come with more colors and superior sound A Bluetooth speaker that takes into account the aesthetics of design and high quality sound
Black, White
communication distance
10m(Barrier free)
Battery endurance
Around 6 hours (60% Volume)
Wireless connection
Bluetooth 5.0 Dual-band technology
Waterproof level
1×Type C interface
1×wireless charging
Stereo paring
Pair two ORSEN-T5 speaker
to achieve wireless stereo effect



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