USB plug Apple Watch Magnetic
Wireless Charger
Applicable to iWatch 2-5 I Magnetic anti-falling Design I 2.5W Output
Small, compact and portable 5CM in height, easy to fit in pocket
Magnetic positioning, anti-falling Built-in magnetic positioning module, magnetic charging and anti-falling
Standard USB plug is compatible
with all devices with USB interfaces
Use a USB adapter, power bank or computer to
Use a USB adapter, power bank or computer to
Use with W4 wireless charging pad Combined use with orsen W4 provides daily charging solution to Apple enthusiasts
Use with power banks Nearly all power banks with USB interfaces can
charge your watch through W3
(Power bank in the picture is ORSEN E33)
Use with adapters
Use with Computer With USB Interface
Mirror plastic surface prevents
scratches and fits smoothly
Smart circuit protection chip,
high-quality copper coil
Aluminum alloy metal
oxidation process
Name: iWatch wireless charging
Model: W3
Output: 5V-1A
Input : 2.5W
Weight 19.5g
Size: 33x27x51mm



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